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After nearly two decades manufacturing double block & bleed plug valves, Franklin introduces an innovative technology into the market with the Duragate™ Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve. The new Duragate’s™ patented design solves several inherent issues with current industry offerings. Franklin now proudly offers the first truly bidirectional flow S.E.G.® for extended service in demanding sectors. The Duragate™ is API Spec 6D certified and API Spec 6FA fire safe. You can always rely on Franklin’s commitment to manufacture, deliver, and service the valves that meet your challenging requirements.

DuraGate Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve SPECIFICATIONS
Size Range 12in - 42in
Pressure Rating Class 150 - Class 300
Elastomer Seals Viton GF, Viton GFLT, Viton ETP, Kalrez
Body Materials 516-70/A350LF2 ENP
Stem Material ASTM A564 Type 630 (17-4 PH)
Drive Stem Material AISI 4140
Temperature Rating -20F to 400F (Standard Temp) -50F to 400F (for Low Temp)
Certification: API 6D, API 6FA
Operation: Manual, Electric
Flow & Torque Data: PUB-010-EN
Installation & Operations Manual: PUB-009-EN
Lifting & Handling Instructions: PUB-011-EN



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