About Franklin Valve

Franklin Valve is a privately held company located in Houston Texas that manufactures the DuraSeal Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve, the DuraSeal 4-Way Diverter Valve, and the DuraGate Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve. All valves are built to customer specification.  All of Franklin valves are proudly manufactured and tested in the U.S.A with parts sourced globally. Franklin Valve manufactures, repairs, and provides maintenance services on reduced and full bore designs. 

We place the highest value on product quality and customer service and are committed to positioning Franklin’s DuraSeal as the premier DBB valve on the market.

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Reduced Port
2-36” Class 150
2-24” Class 300
2-20” Class 600
2-8” Class 900

Full Bore
2-24” Class 150
2-18” Class 300
2-12”, 16” Class 600


Released in 2016 the Franklin DuraSeal 4-Way Diverter Valve incorporates proven performance features and characteristics: ASME B16.34, Multi-Turn Actuation, In-Line Maintenance, and Automatic Pressure Gauge.

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4”, 12”, 16” Class 150
2-12”, 16” Class 300
3-10” Class 600

Released in 2020 Franklin introduces an innovative technology into the market with the Duragate™ Symmetrical Expanding Gate Valve. The new Duragate’s™ patented (US 2021/0310567-A1 and CA 3,112,291) design solves several inherent issues with current industry offerings. Franklin now proudly offers the first truly bidirectional flow S.E.G.® (Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Reg No. 6,761,566) for extended service in demanding sectors. Design incorporated proven performance features and characteristics: API 6D, API 6FA, DBB/DIB-1, True Bi-Directional Design, and In-Line Serviceable Seats.

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16-36” Class 150
12-30" Class 300

Bottom line is our service ability is what sets Franklin apart from other DBB manufacturers; same product, better service. The DuraSeal DBB plug valve meets the requirements under the ‘Buy American Act’; is API 6D monogrammed, API 6FA (firesafe), API 591 (destructive), API 622 (emissions), PED/CE, PESR/UKCA certified in an ISO 9001 approved facility. Franklin Valve is globally distributed, represented and accepted with a number of high-profile end users and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Franklin Valve is positioned for continued growth and market share expansion. Let us be a part of your strategic growth as well.

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